Buddy project

The purpose of our buddy project is to make refugees get in touch with Dutch people. Buddy (Dutch) and Buddy (Refugee) will be matched to each other on the base of mutual interesses and expectations.

During intake sessions, we want to get to know the buddy’s on a personal level and we will try to investigate interesses and expectations of both. After introducing buddy (Dutch) and the buddy (Refugee) to each other they will meet one another during a period of at least 4 months. They are going to do fun things together, organized by themselves or by joining our activities.

Boost Arnhem organises a Buddycafé, once every two weeks. The buddycafé is a nice place where the buddies can meet each other and where they can join sports or game activities. Besides that, once a month we have a large activity like playing pool at House of Billiards, hiking on the Postbank or climbing at Mountain Networks.

We hope all of this will contribute to preventing refugees from getting into isolation.

We expect buddy’s to develop a friendship and if so, we hope refugees can increase their social network in the Netherlands.

See how our initiative works by watching "Buddies van Arnhem" the documentary by the NPO.

Do you want to be a buddy? Register here:
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Do you want a buddy? Register here:


Thanks for your interest in donating to Arnhem Voor Vluchtelingen - Any donations/gifts can be sent to NL82TRIO 0391 0399 97. Thanks in advance!