arnhem for refugees

Facilitating the integration of refugees in Arnhem

The purpose of this website is to highlight all the beautiful initiatives organised for new Arnhemmers. You can register an initiative at Arnhem for Refugees. Further information about registration can be found here.

NEWS: Arnhem voor Vluchtelingen becomes Boost Arnhem, read more about this change here.
Arnhem refugees collage.

Small sample of our volunteers and refugees in the region

The city of Arnhem has facilitated the creation of this website.

Our purpose

We started with the goal to welcome refugees in Arnhem. To give them a usefull existence and to work on making Arnhem more beautiful with these new people. In the meanwhile a lot of the new comers live in Arnhem and life has a more sustained base. However, it is not easy to assimilate and participate in a fast European community. We would like to help with that. 

Arnhem for refugees is a citywide initiative. We work closely together in the neigborhoods. We take care of connections between the new Arnhemmers, inhabitants of Arnhem, organisations in Arnhem, companies and schools. 

At this moment we have three pillars: The buddyproject, the ‘Aan de slag’ project and the information market about fun activities in Arnhem.

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Welcome cards made by children for refugees in Arnhem

The buddyproject

The marvellous buddyproject full with activities is being supported by many volunteers. Want to see how it works? View the documentary “de buddies van Arnhem”.

We are currently accepting buddy applications.
Become a buddy

Buddies and refugees get regularly together to catch up and talk


Various activities are organised in Arnhem for the ‘new Arnhemmers”. These activities are organised by Arnhem for Refugees, but also by Rozet, the volunteercenter, Bazaar 54 and the integration house. On this website we will try as much as possible to mention all these beautiful initiatives within their correct time. If you have a nice activity for new Arnhemmers, then you can send an email to Arnhem for Refugees.
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Welcoming committee

Upcoming activities

Want to help?

There are many ways to help Arnhem voor Vluchtelingen, from practical things like coordinating events to maintaining our social media. Get in touch with us to discuss possibilities.

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Thanks for your interest in donating to Arnhem Voor Vluchtelingen - Any donations/gifts can be sent to NL82TRIO 0391 0399 97. Thanks in advance!